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Special Speed Boats Charter Packages

Sterk Yachts 31 RC - NEW 2024 !!

Mv Marine Mito 40 - NEW 2024 !!


JOKERBOAT Mainstream 33 EFB with skipper


JOKERBOAT Clubman 28 + 2 x Mercury V8 300 ( 2022 ) NEW !!

JOKERBOAT Clubman 30 + 2 x Mercury Verado 300 V8

MV 18 Technology

MV GT 27

JOKERBOAT Clubman 28 ( Refit 2024 )

Jokerboat WIDE 520 ( Refit 2024 )

MV GT 25

JOKERBOAT Clubman 24 (2016.)

JOKERBOAT Clubman 26 Special

JOKERBOAT Clubman 22


Sailing Yachts

Charter a sailing yacht and enjoy the Croatia coastline. Pick one - pick two - pick any of them: no matter which one you choose, you are ready for the sail of your lifetime! Aventur yachts are carefully maintained, top-of-the-line models and available 365 days of the year. Book today - sail Croatia tomorrow!

Motor Yachts

One of the best ways to experience the Adriatic Sea is on a motor yacht. Watch the sunset and enjoy every second of your life. Visit Croatia and you will come again and again - it’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined! Contact us and choose a motor yacht tailored to your needs.


There are only few places where one can fulfil a need for speed – a race track, the sky and the open sea: and when it comes to sailing on the open sea nothing beats catamarans. Sleek, stylish and beautiful – catamarans are the epitome of speed as Aventur is the epitome of catamaran charter in Croatia.


Traditional, handcrafted wooden boats, also called ‘caique’, are your ticket to a different kind of sailing, a portal to a time long gone when life was slower, and everyone was smiling. Experience cruising in a slower gear, get yourself an Aventur gullet with crew and sail away into the sunset!

Speed Boats - R.I.B.'s

RIB speed boats on the sea are what motorbikes are on the road. Come to Croatia to the most spectacular 'sea road' in the world – the unique and memorable Adriatic Sea. Fast and fun, speed boats let you take a short trip wherever you want, whenever you want. There's nothing better than an Italian designed RIB powered by a Honda outboard to experience the Adriatic Sea and have fun.

water toys

Luxury Water Toys

Move through the water or dive beneath the waves with the agility of a dolphin! A wonderfully exhilarating new water-sport with the speed, style and total safety of the Seabob range with three models (F5, F5S AND F5SR). Lampuga shares that enriching experience with luxury, precision and the thrill of speed on this state of the Art Electric jet board; it’s eco-friendly, powerful, robust, this is German Technology like nothing else nothing on the water. Three ranges are available according to their particular application: the Air, Boost and Rescue.

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