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YachtBeach CLASSIC 3.0 YachtBeach CLASSIC 4.1 YB Luxury Pool Jet Ski Dock JetXtender
YachtBeach CLASSIC 3.0

YachtBeach CLASSIC 3.0


The smaller YACHTBEACH Platform 3.0 fits perfectly for 1-2 people

Fits perfectly for:1-2 people
Dimension:300cm x 160cm
Ballast bags:2
YachtBeach CLASSIC 4.1

YachtBeach CLASSIC 4.1


Removable artificial leather comfort top

3 Velcro straps included

Size:410 cm x 205 cm x 20 cm
Packsize:210 cm x 50 cm x 34 cm
Weight approx. :45 kg
Ballast bags:4
Handles for fixing:12
YB Luxury Pool

YB Luxury Pool

The perfect supplement to our YACHTBEACH platforms is the LUXURY POOL 4 x 4 with tubes.

The elegant design and the high-quality materials round of the perfect YACHTBEACH look on every yacht.

Specially designed for smaller yacht or boats it is installed very fast and provides easy protection against jellyfish.


  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Due to Yachtbeach-Handle-Connection System fits perfect to all YACHTBEACH platforms or with corner D-rings to most competitor platforms
  • The bathing ladder is included

Inner dimension: 350 cm x 350 cm
External dimension:410 cm x 410 cm
Depth:approx. 220 cm
Weight:approx. 45 kg
Tube diameter:approx. 30 cm; made of 9 mm reinforced PVC
Jet Ski Dock

Jet Ski Dock

In the premium segment, YACHTBEACH line launches the brand-new luxury Jet Ski Dock.
Easily park up to 2 large jet skis with their remaining water sports equipment on the Jet Ski Dock.
An elegant teak-optic foam surface is an eye-catcher itself and invites you to take a bath or lounge for a little while.


  • External dimensions: 410cm x 300cm
  • Divided arms with a length of 200cm and wide 55cm
  • 2-chamber safety system – equipped with 2 high-pressure valves
  • 4 D-rings at the bottom – 12 D-rings at the top for numerous attaching options
  • 10 high-quality fastening and carrying handles
  • elegant artificial Teak cover design
  • fits perfect to all YACHTBEACH platforms by fixing with the special handle system or with corner D-rings to most competitor platforms



We offer you fun, transportation and simple handling in one great tool. Our total inflatable boat tender for any brand of Jet Ski offers space for up to 6 more people. Interesting for every Jet Ski owner: The JetXtender has the EU Certification as a boat, so you can use your Jet Ski together with the JetXtender almost everywhere. Sounds good, right?!

Totally inflatable, easy to transport and even easier to install, that’s the new JetXtender. From now on you can have the perfect combination of a Jet Ski and a dinghy, share your fun with family and friends and you won´t miss a thing anymore. 4 chambers separately pumped up to create a 35kg small package to a full dinghy. 4 simple connecting points make it totally easy to connect your Jet Ski or Seadoo with our JetXtender. Transport your family and friends from your boat to the beach or create your own private water-taxi.

  • EU Certification as a boat
  • Stabile drop stitch bottom
  • 2 extra-wide tubes made of high-quality PVC
  • Small pack size of approx. 100 x65x55cm allows transportation even in
  • Transportable even in a trunk
  • Easy to fix by just 4 straps
  • Fits to every Jet Ski brand

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