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With no doubt, this is the lightest semirigid dinghy on the market, with fibreglass body built with “double shell” technology.

Performance is ensured by the new long keel "High-Performance hull 2.0 with integrated flaps" (applied now to all our model from 250 to 280 cm) is the maximum you can desire in a little tender.
It has 3 effects:

hydrodynamic (the most obvious and common effect); 
structure ( the shape of flaps give reinforcement to the transom)
static (the flotation volume of 2 flaps its about 13 litres - this raise the stern of tender, quickening the phase of planning)

So excellent results have been achieved.
With 10 hp up to 21 Knots and capacity of planning up to 200 kg of charge
This extraordinary result thanks also to only 65 kg. of weight. 

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Technical Specifications
Motor type:outboard
Hull type:rigid
Deck layout:side console

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