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Every Scorpion is hand built to the precise requirements of its owner in their factory in Lymington, UK. All aspects of the boats’ design, styling, moulding, and assembly are done by their specialist in-house teams, including the manufacture of the tubes and installation of engines. Total control over design and build provides extensive customization opportunities, to the extent that we can even lengthen or shorten models to perfectly fit your requirements.

The three models in the current range are differentiated by their overall beam; Serket at 2.75m, Sting at 3.1m and the Silurian at 3.25m and they are available with a range of power options, including inboard, outboard, and waterjet. Additionally, the Sting is available with a cabin option as well as the open cockpit.


Serket 78

Serket 88

Serket 98


Sting 10m Cabin

Sting Cabin Top

Sting Open Twin Outboard


Silurian 1080 Twin Outboard

Silurian 1080 Twin Inboard

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