Lampuga shares that enriching experience with luxury, precision and the thrill of speed on this state of the Art Electric jet board; it’s eco-friendly, powerful, robust, this is German Technology like nothing else nothing on the water. Three ranges are available according to their particular application: the Air , Boost  and Rescue.



The Air


Easy transport. Easy to inflate. Fast on water.


Its playful design, flexibility and remarkable performance make the Lampuga Air the ultimate fun and practical jetboard. The inflatable board has a two-part design, which allows for easy transportation and storage, while its powerful jet drive ensures fast movements on water. The board is made of a robust drop-stitch material, which comes in several playful colours, is equipped with five handles and has a non-slip grip pad centre. It is easily assembled, with 14 Hp engine has a top speed of 50km/h and weights 38kg including the battery. The board offers an effortless and thrilling surfing experience and suitable for all riders. Batery is up to 45 min and charges in 120 min.




The Boost


The fast and exclusive


With its elegant design, high-quality materials and astonishing speed, the Lampuga Boost is considered the premium board in the Lampuga range. Made of carbon, the light-weight board is designed for speed and stability. Its smooth shape further allows for precise controlling and dynamic manoeuvres at all times. The board comes with a glossy black exterior, which may be customised on request, is equipped with a large non-slip grip pad centre and has one handle located at the front of the board. The water-ready board has a top speed of a breath-taking 58km/h and weighs 40kg including the battery. Balancing design and technology, the board offers the ultimate riding experience on water, is easy to use and is suitable for all riders.Batery is up to 45 min and charges in 120 min.




Lampuga Air Package


When purchasing the Lampuga Air you will receive the standard part- and accessory package included as part of your purchase. The package contains all the necessary parts and accessories you may need for your new board. It also includes an extensive handbook and a quick-start guide to get you up and riding in no time. The Lampuga Air package is transported and delivered in three separate cardboard boxes; one containing the inflatable hull and spare parts (120 x 80 x 35 cm), one containing the Powerbox (120 x 80 x 35 cm) and one containing the battery (65 x 35 x 20 cm).


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